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MEVA-TEC s.r.o.
Chelčického 1228
413 01 Roudnice n.L.

Tel.-  + 420 416823 173-4
Fax - +420 416 823 185

IČ: 62742051
DIČ: CZ62742051

About company

Activities of company Mevatec s.r.o. were start in CR in year 1995. In this time appeal company Mevatec s.r.o. on domain of all europe. Main attention is oriented for destinations Middle and East Europe. Main activity of company is fixate on wide range of products, especially bins for waste and equipment of storage places with oil economy. Then is sortiment distributed from areas:
- Storage
- Office equipment
- Maniuplation technic
- Town and village equipment

With wide offer of products from range bins for waste and oil economy rank company Mevatec s.r.o. between the biggest companies in Middle and East Europe.

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9 reasons why Mevatec

Product´s range
We offer the most complete range of products in the field of bins for all kind of waste within the Czech Repulic. Moreover we offer products for oil system, storage, production plants equipment and handling equipment.

The basis of our business strategy is to offer to all of you wide range of products for competitive prices.

Our products are supplied all over the Europe what is a sign of a good quality.

Delivery time
More than 75 % of goods is hold on the stock. Actual delivery times for the rest of products we will let you know on request.

Goods transport
On request, we are able to arrange transport of goods by our transport company, carrier service or by train.

We are always ready to answer your questions and look for optimal solutions. It is possible to communicate with us through telephone, fax or e-mail.

Job production
As one of a small amount of catalogue firms we are able to supply products according to your specification as a job production.

Acitivities in Europe
Our complete range of products is being sold through our sister companies in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria. Through our business partners we supply to the whole Europe.

Activities in the Czech Republic
To be closer to our customers we offer the whole range of products also through our sister companies in České Budějovice, Brno and Ostrava.