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Introduction » Storage » Aluminium truck 640x1000x650mm - without lid


Aluminium truck 640x1000x650mm - without lid


Product no.: 3408

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Full specifications

INTERNAL DIMENSIONS (mm) - 640x1000x650
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (mm) - 690x1050x855
VOLUME (l) - 415
WEIGHT (kg) - 19,5
EQUIPMENT - without lid
- Regardless of the fact whether it is necessary to
  transport the goods inside the hall, between the halls
  or branches, whether it is the problem of the collection
  of laundry, spare parts or rubbish - we always find
  application for these trucks.
- Sturdy truck for multipurpose utilization.
- Stable profile of bottom and peripheral walls.
- Reinforcement of side and face walls with longitudinal
  and corner handle plates.
- 2 rotary and 2 fixed wheels with 125 mm diameter, rubber,
  and wearproof surface, roller bearings, smooth running,
  protection from winding up threads.
- Trucks can be ordered in a version without lid or with
- Lids are hung up on two hinges and protected from
  turning over by straps.