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Contactless waste bin 24 l


Product no.: 3707

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- Touch-free waste bin of the series ORIGINAL and OVAL with an infrared sensor offers hygienic waste handling. When putting
your hand 20 cm above the infrared sensor the lid opens automatically and very quietly. After throwing the waste in the lid closes itself. Bins are distinguished by their quality manufacturing, economical operation and a quiet system of the lid opening and closing.
- 100% touch-free operation reduces presence of bacteria.
- Bin is made of matt stainless steel.
- Possibility of manual opening by buttons.
- Quiet opening and closing of the lid.
- Lid is controlled by a patented chip.
- Securing ring for garbage bag fastening.
- Quick and simple garbage bag replacement.
- Lid from ABS plastic.
- Very lower power consumption.
- Battery-operated bin operation (batteries not included).

MAIN DIMENSIONS (mm) -265x375x455
VOLUME (l) - 24
WEIGHT (kg) – 2,66