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Container for medicinal waste - 5 ltr


Product no.: 4731

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Utilizable capacity (ltr) - 5
Dimensions (mm) - ø 267x145
- They are limited for one use, especially for collection
  of used hypodermic needles, syringes, scalpels, droppers
  and other small medical waste.
- Both parts of the cover will connect firmly when you
  press the cover on the bin. It is not possible to remove
  the lid afterwards. It excludes any contact with the
  content of the bin.
- They are fitted for incineration in refuse incinera-
  ting plant.
- Dustbins are made from unexceptionable polypropylene
  and there are not any noxious emissions as a result
  of their incineration.
- Graded cuttings in the tilting cover serve for the
  collection of used hypodermic needles without any
  touch of human hand.
- These bins are very practical, suitable for medical
  practice, labs, diabetics, etc .