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Fibre-glass laminate containers - capacity 2,1 a


Product no.: 6781x

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Full specifications

- The model is based on its rectangle base.
- The insert holes are of the same design as the previous
types of capacity 1,1 m3
- The model shape is derived from the model range of 2,1 m3
- The rectangle and square base of the containers enables combination of all sizes excluding any problems.

- Manufactured from high quality materials with top gel-coated laminate surface. The surface keeps its colour stability enabling easy surface cleaning, even of sprays. 
-  All metal components are zinc coated. The emptying mechanism is provided with metal rods of 12 mm diameter or chains.
- Containers for glass may be equipped with anti-noise option in accordance with TÜV.
- Containers for paper may be equipped with fire-protection.
- New design of the fibreglass containers.
- Square base of the container enables the maximum space utilization.
- According to the sort of waste the containers are provided with appropriate insert holes.