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Internal pump station 5000 lt


Product no.: 3577

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Full specifications

VOLUME (l) - 5000
DIMENSIONS l x w x h (cm) - 475x130x190
TANK DIAMETER (cm) - 125
WEIGHT (kg) - 1280
- Steel double-case structure allows its use without a
  catching tub or trap. It can be placed in open space with
  hard surface.
- Filling station base units are welded firmly to the
  container jacketing.
- Filling station is equipped with a ladder with the
  exception of 5000 l volume.
- Filling hole is at the top.
- Made according to DIN 6616/D or DIN 6624.
- Steel tank is coated externally with primer and exterior

Station equipment:
- self-sucking pump with its delivery of 70 l/min.
- digital flow indicator wit 50 user codes
- delivery hose (4 m) with automatic delivery nozzle
- level dipstick
- suction tube to the tank bottom
- check valve
- limit level indicator
- seepage indicator of liquid between the cases