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Introduction » Urban facilities » Mobile fence 3472 x 1125 mm


Mobile fence 3472 x 1125 mm


Product no.: 3809

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Full specifications

MAIN DIMENSIONS (mm) - 3472x1125
WEIGHT (kg) - 16
MESH SIZE (mm) - 100x300

- Fast, easy and effective boundary of sporting or cultural actions or construction sites. They can also be applied in the area of industry when separating industrial floor spaces or storage grounds.
- Frame from galvanized tube with ø 42 and 30 mm is filled with wire filling with ø 3.5 m. All its components are galvanized and subsequently welded. This is the reason why tiny corrosion can occur in the welded but this is not a cause for complaint.
- Mobile fence is delivered 3472 mm long and in two heights 1125 a 2000 mm. Mobile fence is installed in plastic or concrete footing .