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Plastic box - on wheels


Product no.: 6696-0

Variations of this product

Product no. / Goods name:
Lid for plastic container 600 l.
Lid for plastic container 600 l.

Full specifications

Weight - 24+5 kg
Loading capacity - 350 kg
Capacity - 600 l
Dimensions (mm) - 1200x800x950

Wide-ranging use of these boxes is enabled thanks to their very good properties. They are used most often for storage or transport of smaller products or semi-finished products both in solid and also in loose state.

- Main pluses of the product are as follows:

  • Low weight, high strength, resistance to most oils and acids
  • Easy cleaning thanks to its smooth walls inside
  • Suitability for stacking, 100% recyclability, UV radiation resistance
  • Material suitability for contact with food

Separate lid can be ordered additionally for these boxes.