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Safe cabinet 1950x1260x550mm


Product no.: 3497

Variations of this product

Product no. / Goods name:
Safe deposit box class 0, 1950x1260x550mm
Safe deposit box class 0, 1950x1260x550mm

Full specifications

EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS h x w x d (mm) - 1950x1260x550
INTERNAL DIMENSIONS h x w x d (mm) - 1780x1140x360
Number of folders (pcs) - 52
Weight (kg) - 480
- Furniture safes are made as weldments from quality thick
  steel metal sheet in two-case version.
- Fill between the cases differs according to the
  certification type.
- Closing is solved mechanism with three espagnolettes
  operated by a crank. Espagnolette mechanism security is
  carried out by a mechanic safe lock.
- Internal equipment consists of 4 vertically adjustable
  shelves. After its placement the cabinet must be anchored
  to the floor by a steel dowel pin (not a part of
- They can be applied in all places where documents or
  other valuables must be deposited and secured from
  theft or possibly from destruction by fire.