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Shelf rack - basic panel 1500x1050x2300 mm


Product no.: 3148

Full specifications

height - 2300 mm
width - 1500 mm
depth - 1050 mm
bearing capacity of a shelf - 250 kg
max. carrying capacity of a rack - 1000 kg
number of shelves - 4

- Suitable where heavy goods of large area must be stored.
- The rack is assembled from sections with vertical and horizontal sections supporting single shelves.
- To attain better stability and distribution of load on a rack underlaying bases are assembled under the racks.
- Higher stiffness of a rack is attained by the insertion of stiffening angles.
- The surface finish of the rack structure is of basic colour, shelves made from galvanized plate.
- The rack is suitable for the storage of packed as well as bulk goods in sheltered storages.


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