Waste bin for combustibles


Product no.: 4785

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Full specifications

M.dimensions (mm) - 302x403

Capacity (l) - 23

Weight (kg) - 5

Certification - FM, UL

- Specially designed waste bin for the collection of

  oil-soiled cloths, cleaning rags etc. Self-closing lid

  is controlled with a pedal. The container is provided

  with a handle for easy manipulation.

- Waste bins are made from high-quality zinc-coated steel.

  Elevated bottom provides the circulation of air under

  the bottom, thus reducing the temperature in the

  container. The self-closing lid of the container

  prevents the inlet of air and thus prevents spreading

  of inflammation of waste. Delivered in 4 sizes.

- The containers are tested in accordance with FM and

  US standards.

- Long guarantee - 10 years.


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