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Antistatic plastic barrel 26 l


Product no.: 3244

Variations of this product

Product no. / Goods name:
Antistatic plastic barrel 75 l
Antistatic plastic barrel 75 l

Full specifications

Volume (l) - 26
Main dimensions (kg) - 316 / 204x426

- Barrels with a screw cap made from conducting high-density polyethylene with a carbon-based additive.
- Suitable especially for the storage or transport of highly flammable materials in granules, tablets or powder.
- The barrels conform to the requirements of standards for the use in areas of high danger of explosion outside or inside of the barrel.
- The barrels are delivered in the line of 26,55 and 75 l. The barrels of 55 and 75 l are stackable.
- The barrels are certified by UN code for the transport and storage of dangerous solid waste.