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Bin for combustibles


Product no.: 4300

Full specifications

Capacity (l) - 1000
Load (kg) - 2000
Weight (kg) - 72
Dimensions - 1200x1000x1170
Attest No. - EPM275087,276022

- Reinforced wire structure with anticorrosive finish.
- Inner container made from physiologically harmless PE-HD providing easy visibility of surface. The scale divided by 100 liters.
- Long service life thanks to a new version of a pallet and a steel structure.
- Easy and safe handling through a ball outlet valve. 
- Pluggable, stackable.

- Transport of dangerous substances according to ADR/RID.
- Storage of inflammables with a burning point less than 55°C, including food. 
- Usable in shops with a danger of explosion of 1 and 2 zone.