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Container KS 800 - varnished


Product no.: 1257

Variations of this product

Product no. / Goods name:
Container KS 800 - hot dip galvanized
Container KS 800 - hot dip galvanized

Full specifications

Capacity (l) - 800
Surface - varnished
Load capacity (kg) - 1500
Weight (kg) - 230
Dimensions (mm) - 1200x1000x1290
Attest No. - UN11A/Y/..../CZ/MV-IMET4033/ 3200/1730/800l/230kg/ocel3/v.č.
- Suitable for storage and transportation of solid and
  paste substances.
- Stackable up to three layers.
- Structure of steel beams and plates adjusted for crane
  and high-lifting truck manipulation; lid equipped with
  foam rubber sealing, blocked in open position.
- Pocket for dispatch documents.
- Used also in eco-container carrier systems, mobile
  collecting rooms etc.
- If required, the outer and inner surface finish may
  be varnished, zinc coated, rubber coat.