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Fingertip 0,6x8/16


Product no.: 3159

Variations of this product

Product no. / Goods name:
Fingertip 0,8x1/16
Fingertip 0,8x1/16

Full specifications

Main dimensions (m/mm) - 0,6x0,8/16
Colour - black

- Traditional rubber mat.
- Thousands of tiny "fingers" scratch dirt from shoes thus guarding against its carrying in a building.
- The fingers trap dust and the dirt can be easily shaken out or cleaned by turning over.
- All types and sizes have safely angled edge.
- Slip-resistant reverse side prevents the mat from moving.
- Suitable for all seasons.
- Delivered in black colour.
- Produced in 2 standard sizes: 0,6 m x 0,8 m a 0,8 m x 1 m.