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Frog - waste bin


Product no.: 4565

Variations of this product

Product no. / Goods name:
Dolphin - waste bin
Dolphin - waste bin
Bear - waste bin
Bear - waste bin

Full specifications

Main dimensions - 735 x 870 x 790 mm
Weight - 15 kg
Container capacity - 52 l
The door provided with a lock.
- Attraction for children, functioning as a waste bin.
  Suitable particularly for ZOOs, aqua parks, kindergar-
  tens, children hospitals, shopping malls and holiday
- Made from high-quality "Durapol" plastic, which is
  extremely resistant to mechanical damage. Resistant to
  both low and high temperatures.
- An insert from zinc-coated steel inside of each waste
- All waste bins can be anchored to a base.