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Klinix box plastic - 30 l.


Product no.: 0015

Full specifications

Applicable capacity (l) - 30
Bin height (mm) - 350
Bin diameter (mm) - 390/323
Dimension across holders (mm) - 450
Bin weight (kg) 1,8
Rec. charge weight (kg) - 9

- Serves as single use bin for dangerous and hygienic collection of anatomic wastes.
- Inserting a sack enables multi-shoot use.
- Suitable for medical practices, usable also for collecting any other types of waste.
- Certified - 1H2/Y31/S/..) 
- Stackable, combustible, manufactured of polyethylene.
- Construction of lid enables double available closure:
- Slight pressure to the lid with following reopening during successive filling of a bin
- Gross pressure to the lid closes the bin without possible reopening even without any other contact with the content of the bin