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Medical Box 40


Product no.: 7167

Variations of this product

Product no. / Goods name:
Medical Box 60
Medical Box 60
Medical Box 25
Medical Box 25

Full specifications

Dimension (mm) - 365x270x290
Weight (kg) - 0,3
Brutto (kg) - 4,5
UN CODE -  4H2/Y4,5/S/xx/I/CPABS0056-12/2001LT40

- Disposable container made of polypropylene with a honeycomb texture.
• welded longitudinally
• bottom welded thermally, it does not let liquids through
• perforated handles for easy handling and transport
• interior embedded bag including a closing tie
• container with printing corresponding to legal provisions
- Set is suitable for burning; it does not emit any toxins when burned.
- This solution is environmentally friendly (minimum weight – minimum waste).
- Use: Collection of expired drugs and medicaments, hospital waste, dirty bed linen.
- Certified by UN.