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Medical waste container - 5 l


Product no.: 7192

Full specifications

Volume (l) - 5
M.dimension (cm) - 144x265x230
Packaging (pc.) - 10
Certificate - IMET

The European Community Council Statement from May 7, 1990 and acts of individual member states related to it put the member states under the obligation of controlling health-care facility waste handling. - Our comprehensive range of containers offers a wide coverage of all needs as for health-care facilities when handling waste from health care and veterinary care in order to meet all the legal requirements.  
- Designed as disposable ones, first of all for collection of used needles, scalpels, pipettes and other small medical waste. 
- After pressing the lid to the container both parts are joined tightly and the lid cannot be taken off, this makes further contact with the container contents impossible.
- Suitable to be incinerated. 
- Containers are made of harmless polypropylene and no harmful emissions arise during their incineration. 
- Staggered grooves in a folding lid serve for removing injection needles used without touching them.
- Practical, suitable for all medical practice, laboratories, diabetics etc.

- Suitable for health-care facilities as a daily aid for infectious and hazardous waste collecting.

- Suitable for health-care facilities producing daily bigger quantities of infectious and hazardous waste.