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Metal barrel 200 l - 2" plug in lid


Product no.: 0443

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Full specifications

Capacity (l) - 200
Surface finish - zinc coated plates
Filling hole - 2x in lid
Dimensions (mm) - ø 595x820

- The barrels are made of steel metal sheet. The shell is welded and reinforced by pressed stiffeners. Bottom and lid of the barrel is connected with the shell by multiple safety clawing. To ensure leak-proof design, a sealing paste is coated on the clawing. The leakage-proof is tested for every barrel.
- The filling hole of the barrel is closed with a plug which can be locked with a protective lid with a tear tape. This provides an originality of filling. 
- The structure enables multi-use, retrofitting, recycling.
- The barrel is suitable for transport and storage of all types of liquids in the sense of specified transporting regulations mentioned hereinafter.
- Approved marking: The barrels are approved for transportation according to the international regulations:

IMNG-Code - sea transport
RID - railway transport
ADR - road transport