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Tipping troley 180 kg


Product no.: 3047

Variations of this product

Product no. / Goods name:
Tipping troley 360 kg
Tipping troley 360 kg
Removable lid fot tipping troley
Removable lid fot tipping troley

Full specifications

Volume (m3) - 0,6
Main dimension (mm) - 1640x768x965
Material - PE
Load cap. - 180

- Solid plastic design, no connecting elements, lighter than metal construction.
- Its size is adjusted to easy handling, door passing and a transport in an elevator.
- Easy tipping and emptying the content thanks to perfect balance of the trolley.
- Additional handles in a lower part of the trolley. 
- Easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to its smooth surface.
- Wheels do not leave smears on a floor. 
- Can be delivered with tipping top lid. 
- A way of placing the wheels (within the trolley's profile) with no overlapping protects walls, doors and other interior parts.
- An ergonomical handle enables perfectly easy handling.
- USDA Certificate enables its use for food and semi-manufactured goods.
- The trolleys can be used also at low outside temperatures.