Tool box


Product no.: 3341

Full specifications


Volume - 200 l
Dimensions (mm) - 550 x 590 x 990 mm
Weight - 16 kg

5 let guarantee

- Boxes represent ideal solution for storage and transport of various tools and other small accessories. Properly selected product dimensions enable its transport in a car.
- Firm and solid structure, high-quality polyethylene and  modern rotating moulding technology used during their production ensures their extreme resistance to mechanical damage and atmospheric effects.
- Box structure prevents water from getting inside. 
- Lid is hung on 3 sturdy hinges.
- After maximum lid opening, the lid stays in its top position.
- Special construction of the hinge enables to open the box even in case it is placed close to the wall.
Its rounded shape ensures rainwater flowing off.  
- Box can be lifted by means of a fork-lift truck or by means of handles located on both sides. Special handle plates enable comfortable and safe sacking of boxes - 3 pieces as a maximum. The box has two steel hasps enabling usage of a padlock for safe storage of more
expensive tools which are protected from their use by unauthorized personnel.