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Product no.: 4836

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M.dimension (mm) - 1030x500x500
Weight (kg) - 38

- They are suitable for storage of tools, material and measuring devices in workplaces. Workshop cabinets are characterized by smaller built-up dimensions, welded version with high resistance.

- Perfo-panel forms a part of products (10 x 10 mm in 38 mm grid) for holders of QDN tools.
- One-point locking of door with a cylindrical lock in the middle.
- Racks are height-adjustable by 25 mm with their maximum load of 20 kg. 
- Drawer is height-adjustable by 25 mm, placed on ball sliding ups with its load capacity of 20 kg. 
- Mobile variants are fitted with casters (2x solid, 2x rotary with brake) with a diameter of 80 mm.

- Steel frame with piped edges, grooved black rubber 3 mm high is put in, for placing objects.


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