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Blister foil - 0,5 x 100 m


Product no.: 3301

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Blister folio
Blister folio

Full specifications

Coil width: 50 cm
Winding length: 100 m
Blister diameter: 8 mm

The universal packing protective material with wide application area. The folio is used especially for soft and safe packing products, for example from glass, china, ceramic etc. The folio may be applied at temperature ranging from -50 °C to +75 °C. The folio may be cut or bond by an impulsive welding.

- air blisters protect wrapped products from shocks and impacts
- it does not increase the wrapped product weight
- it does not absorb water, without reaction with the wrapped product
- possibility of a multiple usage and recycling
- easy identification of the wrapped product


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