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Container for combustibles Type I. - 4


Product no.: 4775

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M.dimensions (mm) - ø 184x292
Capacity (l) - 4
Weight (kg) - 1,5
Certificate - FM, UL, ULC

- Sturdy steel container with a surface finish of powder paint. Provided with self-closing lid and double barrier against flaming through as well as a safety cap in case of high pressure in the container. The cap is automati- cally activated at pressure 0,2 - 0,35 bars, which lowers the pressure as well as the temperature.
- The ergonomic design of the container provides optimal distribution of the container weight at any kind of manipulation (transport, filling, emptying etc.). The containers are certified in U.S. in accordance with the regulations of occupational safety
and manipulation with combustible matters (OSHA and NFPA). The containers are furthermore certified in U.S. and Canada by the institutions in accordance with the standards FM and UL.