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Composter 350 l.


Product no.: 4288

Full specifications

Weight (kg) - 17,5
M.dimension (mm) - 810x810x740
Volume (l) - 350

Compost bins
- Compost bins suitable for composting waste from households and gardens.
- Made from polyethylene. Compost bin structure permits its summerand even winter operation. Simple assembly without using tools.
- Compost bin container has no bottom (to have an open contactwith soil and to allow access of micro-organisms, worms and earthworms).They are equipped with side doors for taking the compost out and holes servingfor ventilation.
- Packing: cardboard.

By composting you can utilize more than 30% of your home waste.

What can be composted:
- Fruit and vegetable wastes.
- Coffee and tea residuals.
- Peelings - citrus peels. in small amount.
- Brown cardboard and newsprint. in small amount.
- Egg shells, droppings of small animals, leaves, faded flowers.
- Turf cuts in small amount.
- Broken garden waste.
- Wood wool, turnings, sawdust etc. in small amount.