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Composter 720 lt.


Product no.: 3580

Full specifications

Weight (kg) - 17,5
M.dimension (mm) - 940x940x1150
Capacity (l) - 720

Made from special material - thermolene having excellent thermo insulating properties, UV radiation resistance and great mechanical endurance.

Composter is a vessel made of recyclable plastic. Its capacity is 240 and 390 litres. It has a hinged cover with a turning valve for airflow regulation, side door for withdrawal of humus and air holes. This vessel does not have any bottom. It would block the contact with soil and the access for worms that participate in the process of decomposition and development of humus.

By composting you can utilize more than 30% of your home waste. 

What can be composted:
- Fruit and vegetable wastes.
- Coffee and tea residuals.
- Peelings - citrus peels. in small amount.
- Brown cardboard and newsprint. in small amount.
- Egg shells, droppings of small animals, leaves, faded flowers.
- Turf cuts in small amount.
- Broken garden waste.
- Wood wool, turnings, sawdust etc. in small amount.