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Pole with arms - tilting white


Product no.: 4222

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Full specifications

- With parking poles you will always have free parking lot only for you.
It will protect your parking place, pedestrian zone, park or private area from undesirable entry of cars.
- Parking poles and blocks are approved by the State technical and building testing institute.
- The steel structure is well protected from corrosion by two kinds of surface finish.

1. White poles - komaxit on the base of catophorite varnish(double protection against corrosion).

2.Silver poles - galvanized.
- The upper part of a pole is provided with an invisible lock with a cover against dirt.
- The key is used only for releasing and tilting of the pole. The pole is self-locking when raised.
- Easy mounting on any firm base.

- Main dimensions: 505 x 60 x 810.
- Weight 7 kg.
- Provided with an invisible lock and a key.
- Rubber protector protects the poles when tilted.
- The arms easily increase the effect of a pole.
- Provided with a reflective foil for better visibility.