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Used oil container 600 lt.


Product no.: 3553

Variations of this product

Product no. / Goods name:
Used oil container 1200 lt.
Used oil container 1200 lt.
Used oil container 2500 lt.
Used oil container 2500 lt.

Full specifications

VOLUME (l) - 600
MAIN DIMENSIONS w x d x h (mm) - 820x1330x1330
WEIGHT (kg) - 100
- Surface container for safe used oil storage with its
volume of 600, 1200 or 2500 litres.
- Double-case structure from very high quality polyethylene,
resistant to UV radiation.
- Thanks to its double-case structure they do not need any
catching tub or trap.
- Simple installation in an open area without further
- They can be applied mainly in service stations, bus and
car depots, garages, docks or waste dumps.

Standard equipment:
- Filler neck adjusted to Kamlock 2" connection (for its
direct connection with tank car).
- Sensor of liquid leakage between the cases (after
pressing the push button the LED diodes display if
there is liquid leakage between the cases).
- Special inlet containing 20 l of oil, thanks to its
high edges and big volume, there is no spillage during
- Coarse sieve in the inlet for catching mechanic
- Lockable filler hole cover.