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Belt screen - standard




In Stock: 12 pcs.
Product no.: 7238

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Full specifications

WIDTH (mm) - 300
THICKNESS (mm) - 2
WINDING (m) - 50

- PVC protective screens are used for interior and also exterior temperature screening of space. They serve as a barrier against smoke, fumes, dust but also against flying insect and birds. They also serve as a means of reducing noise. They have high transparency.
- They are made of high quality PVC material, they contain neither cadmium nor silicone. They are resistant to a large amount of chemicals. They can be used in temperatures from –40 °C up to +50 °C. They have excellent resistance to abrasion and UV radiation.
- AS standard PVC protective screens are delivered in rolls 50 metres long. Suspension with lugs 300 mm wide are fixed to a strip upper part and hung on a ridge with hooks, which is 984 mm long. We can also provide their assembly if it is ordered.
- As standard, transparent screens are delivered for common temperatures and screens for refrigeration plants. Made-tomeasure screens can be delivered as suitable for spaces for welding, screens with higher mechanical resistance or colour screens which can be used for marking of passageway borders.

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