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Introduction » Prod. plants equipment » Mats » Comfortlok - seam 2x long (continuous part)


Comfortlok - seam 2x long (continuous part)


Product no.: 4201

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Full specifications

MAIN DIMENSIONS w x d / h (m/mm) - 0,7x0,8/12,5
Colour - black
Version - 2x ramp

- Excellently protects from slipping.
- Made of heavy-duty mixture of natural SBR rubber and nitrile through which the mat acquired better resistance to oil and fats.
- Diamond-shaped surface protects from slipping excellently.
- It complies with antiskid standard EN 13552 category R9.
- Using connecting module you can make any length of runner 0.7 m wide.
Placing: Suitable for industrial spaces e.g. production lines, separate welding workstations, assembly lines and workshops, sports halls.

Positive effect of the mat on a body:
- Decreases the pressure on spine.
- Supports the blood circulation.
- Prevention to the stiffness of joints and muscles.
- Alleviates the stiffness of neck and shoulders.
- Alleviates the pain in heels and insteps.


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