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Compost bin Eco 280 l



In Stock: 4 pcs.
Product no.: 3934

Full specifications

Weight (kg) - 7,5
M.dimension (mm) - ø 970x840
Capacity (l) -  280

Compost bins
- Compost bins suitable for composting waste from households and gardens.
- Made from polyethylene. Compost bin structure permits its summer and even winter operation. Simple assembly without using tools.
- Compost bin container has no bottom (to have an open contact with soil and to allow access of microorganisms, worms and earthworms). They are equipped with side doors for taking the compost out and holes serving for ventilation.
- Packing: cardboard.

By composting you can utilize more than 30% of your home waste. 

What is suitable for composting:
• Fruit and vegetable wastes.
• Coffee and tea residuals.
• Skins and peels – citrus fruit peels (in small amount).
• Brown cardboard and newsprint (in small amount).
• Eggshells, droppings of small animals, leaves, faded flowers.
• Turf cuts in small amount.
• Broken garden waste.
• Wood wool, splinters, sawdust and the like (in small amount).

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