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Container 1000 l - rebuilt



In Stock: 15 ks
Product no.: A3229

Variations of this product

Product no. / Goods name:
In Stock:
Container 1000 l.
Container 1000 l.
Container 600 l.
Container 600 l.
Container 1000 l - rebuilt with UN code
Container 1000 l - rebuilt with UN code

Full specifications

Volume (l) - 1000
Material - HDPE
Load cap. (kg) - 2000
Dead weight (kg) - 66
Dimensions (mm) - 1200x1000x1190

- Stackable cases with inner container from UV stabilized high-molecular HDPE and outer safety frame from high-grade galvanized steel.
- Upper filling hole DN 150, bottom replaceable dump valve DN 50.
- Container provided with a scale allowing sufficiently accurate estimate of liquid volume in the container when emptying or filling.
- Case provided with PE pallet resistant to mechanical and corrosive impacts. The pallet suitable particularly for tapping and handling with chemicals.
- All parts are recyclable and removable.
- Certificate for storage and transport of dangerous substances 31/HA1/Y/…
- Suitable also for foodstuffs.

- Refurbished IBC containers are supplied with plastic, metal or wooden pallets and it is not possible to choose on which pallet will be supplied, because of possible supply changes according to the current state of our warehouse stock.

- Containers suitable for transport and storage of liquid substances.  Recycled IBC containers are cleaned and dried, with compression test and steel structure inspection.  Not suitable for pharmaceutical and food industry.


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