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Container 1000 l - rebuilt



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Product no.: A3229

Variations of this product

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Container 1000 l.
Container 1000 l.
Container 600 l.
Container 600 l.
Container 1000 l - rebuilt with UN code
Container 1000 l - rebuilt with UN code

Full specifications

Volume (l) - 1000
Material - HDPE
Load cap. (kg) - 2000
Dead weight (kg) - 66
Dimensions (mm) - 1200x1000x1190

- Stackable cases with inner container from UV stabilized high-molecular HDPE and outer safety frame from high-grade galvanized steel.
- Upper filling hole DN 150, bottom replaceable dump valve DN 50.
- Container provided with a scale allowing sufficiently accurate estimate of liquid volume in the container when emptying or filling.
- Case provided with PE pallet resistant to mechanical and corrosive impacts. The pallet suitable particularly for tapping and handling with chemicals.
- All parts are recyclable and removable.
- Certificate for storage and transport of dangerous substances 31/HA1/Y/…
- Suitable also for foodstuffs.

- Containers suitable for transport and storage of liquid substances.
Recycled IBC containers are cleaned and dried, with compression test and steel structure inspection.
Not suitable for pharmaceutical and food industry.
- Pallet: steel.


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