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Monday - Friday   6.00 - 15.00

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11.00 - 11.30 hod.


Monday - Friday   7.00 - 15.00


MEVA-TEC s.r.o.
Chelčického 1228
413 01 Roudnice n.L.
phone: + 420 416 823 179, 171
IČ: 62742051
DIČ: CZ62742051


Dampening container - 1 ltr


Product no.: 4781

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Full specifications

M.dimensions (mm) - ø 184x143
Plates - 128
Capacity (l) - 1
Weight (kg) - 1
Certificate - FM
Material - steel

- Containers provide quick, easy and safe dampening of cleaning cloths. This system reduces not only the manipulation with combustible liquids, but also reduces consumption of combustible liquids. Special inner pump feeds liquid to a dampening plate. Dampening plate is placed on a spring and excess liquid is discharged back to the container due to its elevated edges. Liquid can be almost completely removed from the container with the inner pump. The system is provided with a cap protecting against flaming through.

- Containers are certified in accordance with FM standards.

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