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Introduction » Storage » Storage containers » Eco-store 2400x1600x2350 mm


Eco-store 2400x1600x2350 mm




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Product no.: 0046-1

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Full specifications

Dimensions (mm) - 1600x2350x2350
Weght (kg) - 630
Load cap. (kg) - 3000
Capacity catch basin (l) - 450

- All-varnished welded structure with doors that can be locked up, grating floor, safety catch basin (with an outlet or without an outlet).
- It is suitable especially for storage of substances harmful to environment, waste, inflammable materials, etc.
- It can be used without foundation it is self-supporting.
- May be carried away by a crane or a high-lift truck.
- According to your order it can be delivered without catch basin with a wooden floor. It can be used as a container for material.
- It can be delivered with side opening or with wiring.
- It can be delivered in different lengths from 1,5 to 6 metres.
- Basic type: 1.6, 3, 4, 5, and 6 metres.
- It is possible to order an access ramp and different locations of door.
- Storages with thermal insulation furnished with cooling or heating on demand.

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