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Introduction » Waste containers » Waste contain.with bottom dump » Fiberglass container - BIO - 1,1 m3


Fiberglass container - BIO - 1,1 m3



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Product no.: 6780-bio

Full specifications

CAPACITY (m3) - 1,1
MAIN DIMENSIONS (mm) - 1100x1100x1350
WEIGHT (kg) - 66
INSERT HEIGHT (mm) - 1000

- Container in its construction is crated with two plies, difference between external and inner ply is 40 mm, where the parts of emptying mechanism is situated.There is a solution of aeration. That improves entrance of fresh air and gas reduction, that allows the air to enter and reducing gases and subsequent odor.This construction allows period of 14 weeks refuse collection. - Bottom with aeration holes is covered with grid, that ensures separation of waste from the liquid component and allows the evaporation.


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