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Introduction » Oil system » Filling stations, Pumps » Filling stations » Filling station 430l. - 12V


Filling station 430l. - 12V



In Stock: 1 pcs.
Product no.: 3344

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Full specifications

VOLUME (l) - 430
DIMENSIONS l x w x h (m) - 1,8x0,86x091
WEIGHT (kg) - 55

Standard equipment:
- 4 m hosepipe, nozzle with closing valve.
- Suction hose with a filter.
- 2" intake (filler) neck with external thread.
- Digital flowmeter (measuring tolerance +/- 0.5 %).
- Float fuel-level indicator.
- Ventilation protected from spill during the transport.
- Lockable top protecting the service unit from unfavourable weather and from unauthorized personnel's access
- Mobile filling station can be also delivered in 12 V or 24 V version with its pumping power of 35 l/min., or 230 V with its pumping power of 56 l/min.

- Tanks are transferable and rigid enough to be placed on bodies of most lorries or vans which enables safe and ideal fuel transport for all users. Filling stations are an ideal device for fuel refilling into building and farm machinery. Tanks received ADR certificate and fully comply with appropriate regulations.
- Tanks are made of UV-stable polyethylene of middle density, they are colour fast, do not crack and they are not etched by the liquid stored in them. The tank is delivered as a complete unit, ready to be used immediately. The structure of tanks is simple and that is why their usage is very easy. All accessories including its serving device are placed on the tank top and they are secured by means of lockable top.
- Tested according to the European Agreement (ADR) which refers to the International Road Transport of Hazardous Goods, TM 430 Certificate No. 413/0/575 and TM 900 Certificate No. 448/0/1237.

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