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Fore directional pallet mover




In Stock: 1 pcs.
Product no.: 3105

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Full specifications

Width/leght of fingers (mm) - 160/1150
With/lift of troley (mm) - 540/85/200
Weight (kg) - 92
Load capacity (kg) - 1500 

- This is a manually manipulated low-lift truck with a manual lift for the transport of EURO pallets.
- The mover is designed to travel in two mutually perpendicular directions. If the finger is lifted from its basic position up to 172 mm height over ground (12 lifts of a shaft) the mover shall travel only lengthwise, that is forward and backward. When lifting the finger on to 198 mm position over ground, a side travel shall be engaged and lengthwise travel disconnected through jockey (back) wheels.
- An operator will turn the shaft with pilot wheels by 90° in a required direction and block the control with a pin so that it does not revolve. On this moment the mover is adjusted to the cross direction move (vertical to basic move), that is left and right. 
- The use of this mover is very wide, the same as of a standard low-lift pallet mover.
- To use it safely and reliably it is necessary to secure smooth floors without holes and barriers.
- The mover is provided with a compact manual hydraulic aggregate manipulated by a tow bar (lift by up and down move) and by a controlling shaft placed in a tow bar to turn on. The controlling shaft can be, besides the controlling of turning on, moved in different position and set it in a neutral position where it is possible  to move the shaft unless the mover is lifted or in a lifting mode where the shaft lifting is put into operation.

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