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Introduction » Prod. plants equipment » Packing » Packing stands » Horizontal cutting stand for two windings - 750 mm


Horizontal cutting stand for two windings - 750 mm


Product no.: 7361/75

Variations of this product

Full specifications

Maximal working width (mm) - 750
Maximal diameter of winding (mm) - 900 
Maximal weight (kg) - 80
Dimensions (mm) - 1150x950x1500
Weight (kg) - 40

- First of all their use can be found in your packaging and shipping centres where corrugated paperboard, wrapping paper, PE wrap, bubble or foam wrap etc. are used.
- Wrapping material holder and cutting cassette secure easy and accurate cutting off the wrapping material required type.
- Cutting stands are delivered with universal blade knife which can be used, without changing it, for cutting of majority of common wrapping materials (paper, corrugated paperboard, wrap, foam PE, bubble wrap, …).


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