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Mobile small collecting container (AVIE)



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Mobile big collecting container (Abroll)
Mobile big collecting container (Abroll)

Full specifications

Stationary collecting centres
On the previous page of our catalogue, there are basic bins and containers used in collecting yards. You can find all these containers and bins on other pages of our catalogue with more detail information concerning dimensions and applications area. Concurrently, we are able to manage a project documentation of collecting yard including operational rules and emergency plan.

Mobile collecting centres
System of mobile collection of dangerous waste depends on applied technology. The most used system of mobile collection of dangerous wastes is application of loading container. These containers are equipped with trapping tube with grid floor all over the bottom. On the container circumference there are clamps used for connection of various bins using straps. An advantage of the system is a possibility to change amount and composition of bins in accordance to current requirements. The loading containers may be delivered on any truck with loading equipment.


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