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Pallet storage tray - plastic grate




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Full specifications

Plastic catching basins enable ecological storage of water endangering substances and thus represent a solution for one of the most important topics of the future and are therefore important for every company. Unrivalled modular and sustainable catching systems made of high-quality polyethylene designed for barrel storage allow you to protect the environment and your finances.

Store barrels for space saving and safety. Catching basins with modular grates are based on the exact dimensions of 200 l barrels. Thanks to the catching basins, you can effectively use the available storage space and expand the area of safety during storage according to you needs. This creates an ideal space for dangerous substances.

The design of the catching system is based on the dimensions of euro pallets or pallets of 1200 x 1200 mm dimensions. This system offers safe and practical storage and handling of dangerous substances. Simply place the pallet with barrels or other containers on the catching basin. Catching basins are available without grate, with plastic grate or steel grate.

Material - Polyethylene (PE)
Capacity - 220 l
No. of barrels - 2x
Weight - 21,5 kg
Load capacity - 600 kg
Width - 1230 mm
Depth - 830 mm
Height - 390 mm

- Made of high-quality polyethylene (PE).
- Basin construction is designed according to accurate dimensions of 200 l barrels.
- Designed for ecological storage of water polluting substances by space saving and safe way.
- Catching basins have high chemical resistance.
- Basin can be placed directly on the ground.
- Basin is equipped with fork-lift depressions in the bottom part.
- Handling is possible to be carried out by fork-lift machinery from all four sides.
- Suitable for placing a Euro pallet (1200 x 800 mm) or plastic pallet of similar dimensions.
- Barrels are stored directly on the plastic grate which is placed on the basin.
- Using steel or plastic grate is not required.

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