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Pallet truck with electric lifting and travel




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Product no.: 8440

Full specifications

Material (Wheels) Polyurethane
Operating weight 123 kg
Truck load capacity 1500 kg
Lift height 115 mm
Min. height of lifted fork 80 mm
Forks length 1150 mm
Fork dimensions 47/160/1150 mm
Forks width/total width 540/540 mm
Total length 1530 mm
Battery (voltage/capacity) Li-ion 24V/30/36Ah
Drive/control Electric/manual
Dimensions of the front wheel 210 x 70 mm
Dimensions of rear wheels 80 x 70 mm

Versatile pallet truck with electric lift and travel for handling loads which weights up to 1500 kg.
The truck is light, easy to handle – weight only 123 kg.
Equipped with a button to reduce the speed and with an electromagnetic brake.
Simple and clear operation thanks to the size of the buttons, even if protective gloves are worn.
Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, which is characterized by high performance, short charging time and service life.
An external charger (included in the delivery) enables fast continuous charging.
There is no need to remove the battery from the truck when charging.
Steering motor with a nominal power of 0,65 kW and lifting motor with a nominal power of 0,5 kW.
The truck achieves a sound level of <70 dB(A) according to the EN 12053 standard.

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