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MEVA-TEC s.r.o.
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413 01 Roudnice n.L.
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Introduction » Storage » Crates » Plastic crates » Plastic EURO crate 600x400x235 mm with a lid - ESD


Plastic EURO crate 600x400x235 mm with a lid - ESD


Product no.: 3875-ESD

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Full specifications

EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS w x d x h (mm) - 600x400x235
LOAD CAPACITY (kg) - 12-15
WEIGHT (kg) - 2,8

- Containers are connected with a lid by 2 hinges.
- In the crate front side there is double securing of the lid against its spontaneous opening.

- Crates made of electrically conductive plastic for safe storage and transport of sensitive electrocomponents.
- They prevent electrostatic discharge reliably and lead the already existing discharge away.
- Firm structure ensures the crate sufficient stiffness and load capacity.
- Internal smooth surface allows easy cleaning.