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Introduction » Waste containers » Municipal waste and sorted wa. » Plastic containers » Plastic container 1100 litres - black and red V/V


Plastic container 1100 litres - black and red V/V



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Product no.: 0014-3/6V/V

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Full specifications

Capacity (l) - 1100
M.dimension (mm) - 1380x1051(1245)x1453
Weight (kg) - 50
Load capacity (kg) - 440

- Suitable for collecting of municipal and industrial waste.
- Lids are adjusted for collection of sorted waste, possible adjustments at the customer's request.
- It is delivered with two braked wheels as standard.
- Rotary wheels of 200 mm diameter.
- Central brake can be delivered too.
- They meet EN 840-2 and EN 840-3 as for their dimensions.
- UV resistant, resistant to chemical and biological impacts.
- Smooth surfaces avoid waste clinging.
- Material they are made from does not contain cadmium and can be re-granulated.


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