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Introduction » Urban facilities » Barriers ... » Plastic » Road barrier 1m - white


Road barrier 1m - white



In Stock: 6 pcs.
Product no.: 3343

Variations of this product

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Road barrier 1m - red
Road barrier 1m - red

Full specifications

WIDTH (m) - 1,01
DEPTH (m) - 0,4
HEIGHT (m) - 0,81
WEIGHT (kg) - 8

- Road barriers serve for fast and easy marking of changes and diversions not only in traffic.
- Connecting elements enable easy connection of individual elements in one line.
- In case of need the barriers can be weighted down (with water or sand), which increases their stability.
- Profiled bottom ensures stability both of individual barriers and all the line.
- Road barrier is a product not containing movable parts.  
- If you put together several barriers, you will get firm and solid structure ensuring resistance to vehicle impacts in any weather.
- Possibility of construction of a row of barriers enables optimum adaptation to space conditions.
- Colour finish - barriers are standardly available in white and red colour.
- High service life - thanks to sturdy and solid structure, quality polyethylene and modern production technology ensure their high resistance to mechanical damage and weather effects (thanks to UV-stabilisation they are characterized with their high colour retention even under long-lasting effects of solar radiation).
- They are light and do not rust, do not contain any metal parts. 
- Other parts can be connected thanks to connecting elements.
- Original structure and modern design, well visible for drivers.

Safety in the first place!

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