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Safety cabinet



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Safety cabinet
Safety cabinet
Safety cabinet
Safety cabinet

Full specifications

M. dimensions (mm) - 591x457x1651
Amount of door - 1
Amount of shelves - 2
Weight (kg) - 93

Three-point system of a lock
Three-point system of a lock from stainless steel considerably raises the level of safety.

Reflex sticker in three languages indicate the storage of hazardous combustible substances. Photoluminescent indication raises a visibility in darkness.

Rounded edges
Rounded edges of doors prevent hand injuries.

Dripping container of a shelf
The cabinets are provided with movable shelves by 76 mm. The shelves are made from massive zinc-coated steel. The bearing capacity of the shelf is 159 kg. The shelf is constructed so that liquids can be drained to the dripping container on the bottom.

Exclusive patented system - U.LOCTM. Embedded lock cuts the risk of injury. The lock enables comfortable opening and closing of a door. It is provided with a chubb-lock. The safety can be increased with a padlock (not a part of a delivery).

Two ventilation holes with fitted anti-ignition lock placed at the bottom on one side and at the upper part of the cabinet on the other side.

Leg lock
Fitted locking leg used to balance unevenness increases stability and safety.

Double-surface structure
Sturdy double-surface structure with an air insulation gap of 38 mm. Steel used for the double-surface structure - thickness 1 mm. A connector to ground the cabinet is placed on a rear side.

Piano hinge
The piano hinge provides fast hanging of doors. In case of fire it reduces air inflow in the cabinet.

Certified in accordance with FM, OSHA and NFPA standards.
Code 30, section 6.3.3.
10 years guarantee!


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