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Introduction » Prod. plants equipment » Worktables » For assembly » Work table with a robust base 2000 mm


Work table with a robust base 2000 mm




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Product no.: 7675

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Full specifications

M.dimension (mm) - 1500/2000 x 700 x 880

- Worktops made of beech waterproof glued laminated wood 40 mm thick.
- Work surface height in case of non-adjustable table versions is 880 mm.
- Work surface manual height adjustment range is 700–1055 mm in case of versions with adjustable legs.
- UNI containers with a lockable door and shelves with 40 kg areal load, height-adjustability of shelves every 25 mm.
- UNI containers with drawers guided by 100% telescopic extensions, areal load of drawers is 40 kg, central locking, aluminium handle with groove for inserting the drawer contents description, perforation of drawer side and bottom to use a metal partition material crosswise.
- ESD versions of tables can be delivered at an additional charge.

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