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Bus shelter - Torino



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Product no.: 3719

Full specifications

- 1x back wall, 2x side wall

- Posts from zinc steel 80 x 80 mm, feet adjusted for assembly to the base plate (connecting material is a part of delivery). - Depth: 1,560 mm, height: 2,680 mm, width: 2,500 mm.

- Roof frame is composed from aluminium sections. The roof is formed from transparent polycarbonate with finishing preventing UV rays from penetration, 6 mm thick. Aluminium gutter is placed on the front and back part of the roof.

- Walls from safety glass 8 mm thick. Glass equipped with safety stickers. Glass fixed by means of clips from cast aluminium for its simple replacement in case of its damage.

Show case for timetable:
- All our bus stops are delivered with a show case for timetable: Aluminium frame with integrated hinge, 30 mm thick, (h x w) 750 x 550 mm. Wing door is replaceable and double-sided. In case of the door damage it can be replaced without the necessity of using a tool or removing the show case. Glass sheet from safety glass, 4 mm thick. Safety lock with two keys on the door profile. All joints are sealed off. Show case panel from galvanized sheet, painted white.

Surface finish and assembly:
- Final surface finish in shades according to RAL colour card. Bus shelters are delivered in disassembled state. Simple assembly according to the enclosed instructions.


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