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Container C3S03



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Product no.: 4577

Full specifications

- Inner height: 2,350 mm.
- Floor: cemented slab 22 mm, PVC 1.5 mm, insulation.
- Equipment: entrance door 875 x 2,000 mm, interior door 875 x 2,000 mm, interior door 625 x 2,000 mm, ISO window 945 x 1,200 mm with a blind, ISO window 600 x 600 mm, sanitary WC, washbasin, tap, boiler, connection water / sewage, interior partition.
- Wiring: standard (lights, sockets).
- Heating: convector heater panel 0.5 / 2 kW.
- Colour finish: according to RAL colour swatch.
M.dimension (mm) - 6055x2435x2600

As for their structure the dwelling containers are self-supporting and they are transported and delivered as a turnkey construction. Rigidly welded steel frame resistant to torsion forms a space unit. Frames are adjusted according to ISO standards and can be put together and connected as needed – next to each other, nose to tail or on top of each other. By leaving out external walls or building in partition walls large spaces of any size can be created (offices, gatehouses, social background, …). Excellent insulation properties contribute to operating costs reduction. Generally, it is fast and economic solution with a possibility of its subsequent use in other places.

Dwelling and sanitary containers are formed by:
- frame from steel welded structure,
- sheathing from coated galvanized sheet metal 0.60 mm,
- roof from trapezial sheet metal 0.63 mm with vapour barrier and insulation,
- wall from laminated DTD in in white colour or wood finish with vapour barrier and insulation,
- possibility to deliver a number of optional equipment such as for example window and door bars.


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