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Double-chamber press 5 tun


Product no.: 3533

Full specifications

External dimensions (l x w x h ) 1950 x 950 x 1950 mm

Pack dimensions (l x w x h) 750 x 550 x (300-700) mm

Max. pack weight 100 kg

Max. pressing power 5 t ± 5 %

Compacting pressure 1.3 kg/cm2

Pressing chamber size (w x d x h) 750 x 550 x 900 mm

Chamber volume 0.371 m3

Pressing chamber type - tipping

Number of pressing chambers 2

Number of binding places 3

Pressing cycle time 25 s

Input / voltage 1.1 kW / 3 x 380 V/ 50 Hz

Electric cover IP 54

Press drive - hydraulic

Machine weight 630 kg

- Press has a solid, stable structure of pressing chamber,

  on which there is a pressing head placed in a movable way.

  Down pressure is carried out by a hydraulic cylinder with

  the possibility to regulate pressure power which ensures

  long-term reliability while reaching high specific


- Pressing space is filled from the top. Its system of

  front door and pack unloading enables a simple removal

  of pressed pack from the pressing chamber. Chamber

  structure enables 4 and 2 x pack binding by means

  of PE binding tape or wire.

- Press is outlined for the possibility to expand a

  number of modules (pressing chambers) for one pressing

  unit (increase of press capacity with minimum

  acquisition costs).

- Hydraulic baling press with thrust of 5 tons (1/2 pallet),

  determined for department stores, collecting centres,

  scrap yards, supermarkets, stores, small, middle and

  big companies.


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